Monday, August 22, 2011

One mans trash is anothers treasure

I was snooping around and found this beat up tv dinner tray lying in the trash. I thought awww what could I possiably do with this nasty chewed up piece of whatever. I wish I would have taken a picture I always get to excited to start and forget that the wow factor includes a before and after. Let me give you a mental image. It was just lying there covered in smashed cockaroaches and bird poop the legs were chewed up and it smelt like smoke But it was free so why not give it a shot. I put wood filler on the bottom where it was all chewed up and then I got out my handy electric sander and gave it a good scrub down. After that I painted it an aqua blue color and then decoupaged the top of it with whatever scrapbooking paper I could find. This is the end producted bot bad for it being free!
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