Monday, August 22, 2011

Upcoming project

The latest and GREATEST

I love love love this piece. I wish I would have had the before picture. I got it at a garage sale it was already gutted out. I sanded everything down stained it a really dark walnut color then my dad did this really cool concrete stucco to the center panal. which is the lighter brown shinny part. He then stained it and put a gloss on it. The coolest part about this piece is that we put a HP dream sscreen on it and an ipod player on top. So now it is a cool modernized vintage piece that will look amazing in any decor. I will probably keep this but would be open for some offers if the price is right. My uncle sells these for around 800-1500.
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Old tv to updated flat screen console

This was a really coole piece that I found at DI for 15.00 the top was in perfect condition and the record player and sound system worked perfectly. Might I add the sound quality of the speakers was better than anything I have heard from these "new" radios that they have out these days. They just dont make them like they used to. Anyway, my plan was to rip out the center TV and to build a shelf for the DVD player and then to paint it black and distress it. It turned out to be more work then I imagined because once the tv came out we had to build a whole box and then do the shelf. Thanks to my mom who is super handy we got it all put together and painted. She decided to keep it because she loved the way it sounded not to mention we were able to hook up the ipod to the sound system. What a buy!!!
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One mans trash is anothers treasure

I was snooping around and found this beat up tv dinner tray lying in the trash. I thought awww what could I possiably do with this nasty chewed up piece of whatever. I wish I would have taken a picture I always get to excited to start and forget that the wow factor includes a before and after. Let me give you a mental image. It was just lying there covered in smashed cockaroaches and bird poop the legs were chewed up and it smelt like smoke But it was free so why not give it a shot. I put wood filler on the bottom where it was all chewed up and then I got out my handy electric sander and gave it a good scrub down. After that I painted it an aqua blue color and then decoupaged the top of it with whatever scrapbooking paper I could find. This is the end producted bot bad for it being free!
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Black Dresser With Yellow Painted Bird- SOLD

This is a super cute vintage dresser. It is all wood and very sturdy but not too heavy. I painted it black and distressed the edges. It is a smaller dresser and would be perfect for an apartment and or a kids room. Let me know if you would like to come see it. ( The left bottom handle is missing the pull part, you can hardly tell and does not take away from the functionality or look of the piece)

Kid couch

Oh my gosh I have been looking around forever for a little kid couch. I remembered my grandma used to own this little furniture shop and she used to make these and she would sell them for a wopping 700.00!!! I called around and my aunt still had one that her kids out grown. She spent all day and I mean 10 hours helping me reupholseter this fabulious couch that will seriously last forever. I will look awesome in my little boys room. Thank goodness for family...
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Treasure Chest

I found this at a garage sale. It was this lady's great grandmothers. I love it! It reminds me of coastal living. It was already a dark navy blue. I just took out my electric sander (thank goodness I finally broke down and bought one) and gave the edges a quick sand. I think it gives it more of a chic look. This is definatly a keeper.
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Lucky day

I also found this at goodwill one Saturday. It is from 1986 I believe, and truly vintage. All I did was paint the frame a cool grey color and wahlah it is so awesome on my night stand next to my yellow owl.
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Yellow Owl

I have decided to keep this cool creature. I found this at goodwill completly covered in dirt and grim. I gave it a wash and spray painted it a soft vintage yellow and now it looks awesome on my night stand!
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Antique Grey and Yellow Velvet Chair- SOLD

This is a super cute and comfortable sitting chair. I almost had myself convinced to keep it but decided that some luck person would probably enjoy it more.
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