White Antique Distressed Tutorial (Old leftover from my grandmas highend furniture store)

This aweful mess was lying in the back rotting all it needed was some paint and lots of time.

Step 1. Heavily scrubb and clean off old dirt
Step 2. Use laquer remover to take off old finish. Let sit for fifteen minutes then scrap off.
Step 3. Sand down the whole thing to give it a smooth finish
Step 4. Fill in the wholes with wood putty. Let dry.
Step 5. Sand down the areas that had the wood putty.
Step 6. Stain the top. Let dry and do a second coat if desired. Lightly sand with 400 grill paper in between coats.
Step 7. Tape off the stained part and prime the bottom wood part whit white primmer. I just used spray paint primmer. Let it dry.
Step 8. Paint with the desired color. I used a soft creamy white. I descided to paint it by hand instead of spray paint it. I think it gives it a richer texture and spray paint can drip really easily. Let it dry and apply more coats as needed.
Step 9. Distress where ever there might be normal wear and tear.
Step 10. Brush glaze in all the crooks and corners and then wipe off excess. 
Step 11.  Finish off with a satin clear coat of polyurathane.

White Glazed Dresser Tutorial (There was also a matching nightstand and bookshelf that I did the same way.)

Step 1. I stripped everything down to bare wood (in the future I probably wont do

this step because when you do this you don't get as much character in the end when you sand down edges.

Step 2. I sanded it all with an electric sander (by the way the best $30 investment ever)

Step 4. Primed it. (Hint to self don't use old primer)

Step 5. Lightly sand all over

Step 6. Paint three coats of cream white... make sure to let it dry between coats

Step 7. Sand down the edges to get that old time feel. (this is the part I wish there would have been some more character underneath instead of it all being sanded down.)

Step 8. Apply chocolate glaze around the edges and all over. Wipe off the excess and make it as dark and dirty as you would like. At first I did not like it but once I got some elbow grease into it I ended up loving it.

Rusty Cobweb Wagon (What a lucky find. I was at goodwill and found this nasty old wagon. It looked way worse before I started cleaning it up. Now its AMAZING!)



        Shinny and new...

Step 1. Shop goodwill... with an open mind
Step 2. Clean it up and take it apart.
Step 3. Sand it down
Step 4. Use primer on everything let dry  (approx 2 cans)
Step 5. Spray paint with any color you want.  (2 red and 1 black can)
Step 6. Put it all back together.